What type of food do you provide? 
We will provide you and your guests with a three course fine dining experience at your dining table, using high quality British sourced meat and fish products from select local suppliers, with a "Pinch" of traditional recipes from the Tuscan region in Italy.
We can also provide a buffet service with cold and hot dishes and a cake selection for dessert.
How can I pay? 
A deposit of 20% is taken when you book with us. The outstanding 80% is then paid 48 hours before the private dining experience. Payment by bank transfer is preferred.
What do we need to do on the day/evening?
We think that you should be focusing on hosting your guests. We will take care of the rest!
  • We will ask beforehand about your kitchen (fridge capacity, ovens, hobs etc).
  • Your kitchen will be cleaned after the dessert course has been served and we will leave your kitchen how we found it.
  • We will provide dinner plates and crockery.
  • We will aim to arrive around two hours before the private dining experience starts.
How many guests can we invite?
We can cater for up to 20 people, with a minimum of 4 guests for a sit down meal and up to 40 people for a buffet, canapés and finger food party. 
We will continue following UK Government guidelines, keeping hands, equipment and surfaces clean, wearing a face covering and keeping social distance from you and your guests at all times.
Will you provide tablecloths, napkins and glasses?
No, we will not be able to provide tablecloths, napkins and glasses. 
Will you provide drinks and alcohol?
No, we will leave decisions regarding drinks and alcohol to you.
What about food allergens?
We can help cater for any food allergens or dietary requirements so please let us know what you require so that all guests can have a great experience. 
Are there any other costs?
Transportation, parking and congestion charges (if applicable).
What about childrens menus?
We can provide an alternative childrens menu  on request.
How long will the private dining experience be?
It is entirely up to you, we can tailor the length of the service according to your requirements. In order to have a relaxing experience with your guests, we suggest allowing at least two hours for a three course meal.